TAIWANfest 2018 Fête with the Philippines



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From wonderful music by the Auba Children’s Choir to inspirational messages and talks from people like exiled Chinese author Bei Ling, TAIWANfest has it all! In it’s 29th year, TAIWANfest once again returns to Downtown Vancouver and Toronto and continues its Dialogues with Asia series with “Fête with the Philippines”. The festival focuses on discovering, establishing and showcasing the link between Taiwan and the Philippines with amazing talks and exhibitions including the early migratory paths of Taiwanese indigenous into the Philippines and beyond.

Witness amazing success stories such as Mario Subeldia, a self made Filipino artist that was given a chance to showcase his work in Taiwan; an author in exile, waiting to go home; forays into VR film and dance. As if all this wasn’t enough, the International Pan-Asian Culinary Invitational will feature chefs from with Taiwanese, Filipino and Canadian backgrounds looking to battle it out with unique fusion dishes and be crowned the “Best Cut”. Come down to TAIWANfest in downtown Vancouver, Sept 1~3 and explore the wonders of culture in Canada!

Admission is Free!
Event Dates and Times:
Sept 1 11 am ~ 10pm
Sept 2 11am ~ 10pm
Sept 3 11am ~ 6pm