Dance in Transit






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Hi There!

We’re still going right through to September 1, 2018!

Dance in Transit has NINE more events to go this season: all FREE, all open to everyone, all inclusive, diverse, welcoming.

Our schedule is on It’s a MOVEMENT movement. We’re all about enticing people to put down their phones and engage in face-to-face connection. There’s nothing like it.

In addition to ONE more event in Jim Deva Plaza, ONE more event on Granville Island, we have THREE more events in VAG North Plaza, and MANY more in Robson Square. And, on August 19th, we have Dance Your Pants Off in Jack Poole Plaza, from 2 - 6 pm, featuring several dance styles with lessons and performances.

We’re hoping to increase our attendance for the last part of the season and we hope you will help by letting people know about Dance in Transit.

Thanks for your help!