Federation of Canadian Artists

The Principles of Design: How to Use the Tools




Members $330 / Non-Members $380




MEDIUM: Various

LEVEL: Beginner & Intermediate

DAY: October 12-14 2018

TIME: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Windsong CoHousing, Langley

PRICING: Members $330 / Non-Members $380

In a painting, composition generally refers to how the parts of the image relate to each other to create a whole. The way in which a painting is composed and the way in which the painting’s elements work together to form a coherent whole is key to the success of a work of art in conveying its message and visually ‘hanging together’. Few beginning artists use the principles of design, such as pattern, contrast, balance and rhythm, to their full advantage.

This 3-day workshop offers an overview of the principles of design, which are part of the foundational skills of what every artist should know. In this informative class, Lalita will delve deep into these concepts, allowing students to gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice of these basic building blocks of the visual arts. She will provide examples of artists who structured the compositions of their paintings in ways that bring the viewer’s attention to the most important elements of the painting by encoding their work with a series of deliberate or intuited visual messages. Participants will then apply this information to further assess photographs, paintings, and their own work.