Maarten vanden Abeele

WArd/waRD--Ann Van den Broek




$33/$25 students, seniors


Dance, Performing Arts

Elegant and seductive; reassuring and comforting; frightening and sinister. The many qualities of the colour black are examined in Dutch-Flemish choreographer Ann Van den Broek’s thrillingly audacious The Black Piece. Five charismatic dancers and a camera operator lure the audience into the darkness for a sensory adventure filled with haunting sounds and images. The camera unveils what would otherwise remain unseen, conjuring up a shadowy film noir world punctuated by sudden bursts of frenzied movement. This startling, award-winning work by one of Europe’s most provocative and original creators expertly taps into our deepest emotions.

Presented as part of The Dance Centre's Global Dance Connections series.

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