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Performing Arts, Theatre

Hero is the last remaining human on earth. She has been stranded on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, in the middle of the ocean, for years... but her days are numbered. She tells her final tale using improvised garbage puppets and really, really bad poetry. Wastelands is an apocalyptic comedy about garbage and the pieces of trash who produce it.

This is the second installment of The Landscapes Trilogy. The first installment was last year's SHADOWLANDS. The trilogy is three independent stories exploring totally unique, theatrical worlds and styles.


From the creator-performer of SHADOWLANDS - a play in the dark - comes WASTELANDS - a play in a pile of garbage.

**** “A type of theatre that I personally have never experienced before” - Vue Weekly

“A Fringe experience that pushes the boundaries in its presentation” - CBC Manitoba

“Ambitious and complex” - NOW Magazine


Created with Lindsey Zess.