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Walking Shadows presents a new true story multi-media musical, TrudeauMania, a 90-minute re-telling of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s life and rise to power. Set mainly in the turbulent times of 1968-70, TrudeauMania is an original Canadian musical theatre production with a 4-piece band and a talented cast of 9 actors, singers and dancers. Written and directed by Daniel K. McLeod, with music composed by guitarist Brendan Steele of The Honey Tongues and Red Haven, Daniel McLeod, and Vienna/Toronto composer Sebastian Hugeneck and directed by well-known Vancouver music director, actor and musician Gordon Roberts, the show runs as part of the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival, from September 7-16, 2018 at the Firehall Arts Centre. TrudeauMania, written & directed by Daniel McLeod, Composed by Brendan Steele, Daniel McLeod & Sebastian Hugeneck, Choreographer - Kailley Roesler, Assistant Choreographer - Robbie Hebert | Venue: The Firehall Arts Centre- 280 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC | Box Office: | Run: Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 7-16, 2018 | Dates & Times: Sept. 7 - 8:45pm, Sept. 8 - 3:45pm, Sept. 9 - 5:30pm, Sept. 10 - 8:45pm, Sept. 13 - 7:45pm, Sept. 14 - 5:00pm, Sept 15 - 12:00 noon, and Sept. 16 - 4:00pm | Facebook:

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