Grueling Grouse Grind



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This tour experience is brought to you by Tattle - where you connect with passionate locals.

Follow Randy, our Tattler who was born and raised in Vancouver, to the famous Grouse Grind. Randy is familiar with all the favorite local trails but have also been on the less traveled trails that provide a unique experience.

We will pick you up from your hotel or other location and transport you to the base of Grouse mountain.

Once there we will go over a few basics before the hike we take you up the Grouse Grind. We will be aiming for a good time to see how you match up with the locals!

At the top, we will find beautiful views of the city and the surrounding area on a lovely patio. Other attractions on the mountain include zip lines, a wildlife refuge with grizzly bears, lumberjack shows, mountain biking, mountain disk golf and fine dining.

At the conclusion of the day, the trip down the mountain in the gondola provides another spectacular view of the city.

If not all members of your group want to tackle the climb, they can purchase a mountain pass and take the gondola up as well as down.