Vivien Elizabeth Armour

Welcome to the FeteLand





An art experience by Vivien Elizabeth Armour.

Welcome to the FeteLand is a body of work celebrating Trinidad
and Tobago’s Carnival Culture; a festival signifying the
emancipation of slaves in the Caribbean, and celebrating the
freedom of bodies, movement and interlacing culture.

The photographic body of work portrays J’Ouvert, a street-based
party preceding the Carnival “Pretty Mas” masquerade parade.
J’Ouvert, an etymological gallicism of French “jou overt”
meaning “daybreak,” is celebrated in the dark early morning to
dawn on Carnival Monday. J’Ouvert, which features the revelers
covering themselves in mud, paint and powder,
is the working class antithesis to the ostentatious luxury of
“Pretty Mas,” the two day opulent parade depicted in
many paintings in the show.

Other photographs depict Trinidadian street food,
particularly “Doubles,” which are a popular delicacy inspired
by the significant East Indian population, descended from
indentured labourers brought from India to tend to
Trinidad’s land in the late 19th century.

Street vending is standard source of income for much of the
working class in Trinidad, and encompass businesses
that vend anything from Trinidadian fusion food
to cultural relics, flags and jewellery.

Vivien’s current work often incorporates her multidisciplinary
and mixed media skill set within her art practice and material
exploration, taking inspiration from her multicultural
background, diverse ethnic influences, and exploring how
these aspects of her experience resonate in
a western, contemporary context.