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Never Still



to Sep 29


Tix from $20


Dance, Performing Arts

The Firehall Arts Centre is proud to kick off its 2018/2019 season with the world premiere of Never Still from Wednesday, September 26 to Saturday, September 29, 2018.

Never Still, the newest work from Vancouver’s Vanessa Goodman (Action at a Distance Dance Society), is inspired by the inherent conflicts and dichotomies of water. It is graceful and challenging, like humanity itself, and we are literally made of it.

Created in collaboration with Shion Skye Carter, Stéphanie Cyr, Bynh Ho, Lloyd, "Loscil” (Scott Morgan), Alexa Mardon, James Proudfoot and Lexi Vajda, Never Still explores social, environmental, and biological themes. It is a highly physically piece that dives into the distinctions and overlap between three different systems of circulation: global water cycles, communication technology, and fluids within the body.

“We are living in an increasingly polarized culture,” says Donna Spencer, the Firehall Arts Centre’s Artistic Producer. “And it is our role as artistic creators to encourage audiences to consider, through what they are seeing on stage, how inextricably linked we all are in finding our way through these challenging times.”

She adds, “This season, our programming is about choices – the ones we make, the ones we think we should make but don’t, and the influences around us that colour that decision-making. Live performance allows us to experience a unique and powerful collective sharing of emotions and information that resonates through our day to day lives long after we have left the theatre, and indeed may influence the choices we make in the future.”

Never Still is created by Action at a Distance Dance Society in collaboration with:

Choreographic/Artistic Director: Vanessa Goodman
Choreography created in collaboration with the performers: Shion Skye Carter, Stéphanie Cyr, Bynh Ho, Alexa Mardon, & Lexi Vajda
Sound and Projection Design: Loscil (Scott Morgan)
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot
Costumes: Lloyd
Set Design: Vanessa Goodman, James Proudfoot, & Scott Morgan
Creative Mentor: Peter Bingham

Performance Times: Wed-Sat, 8:00pm

Tickets: From $20 at or 604.689.0926

Post Show Talkback: September 27

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