Chronos by Nicole Dextras

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Award winning environmental and performance artist Nicole Dextras will be featuring one of her innovative costumes made specifically for this event from yucca bark and other sustainable materials. “Chronos” has arrived from a future time when climate changes have made it necessary to rediscover lost techniques for creating clothing.
A performer will wear the costume and engage with the public about organic materials and textiles.
Nicole will also demonstrate how to process yucca fibres and other aspects of her practice.
Celebration and Fibre artist Marina Szijarto will be inviting the public to participate in a hands-on community tapestry weaving event. Using found objects, recycled fabric, plant materials and our words of gratitude written on paper, we will weave together an Autumn Equinox /Harvest full moon tapestry on looms made from local driftwood and fishing net twine.”
Sophena Kwon of Maiwa handprints will demonstrate the fascinating process of dyeing with indigo.