Trevor & Margaret

How well do you ever really know someone? Trevor and Margaret bring this struggle to the stage with life changing consequences for everyone involved. From the very beginning in Trevor’s life, complicated relationships have a strong impact, starting with his father and a dead mother. Margaret has her own issues as a woman willing to settle for something far less than perfect. A relationship built on disappointment and half-truths shouldn’t be enough for anyone, but Margaret is considering marriage. When will too much be too far for even this long suffering, self deluding woman? Please note that XY is a 19+ venue and patrons attending shows there must be 19 or older and must present ID at the door.

Category: BYOV
Rating: 14+ Coarse Language / Violent Content / Sexual Content

Price: $15 + a one-time $7 Membership to the Festival. Some performances are half price, please refer to the Program Guide on


Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away