Ten Tips for a Collapsed Uterus

Swingers parties, obituaries, sex, Gwyneth Paltrow (damn her), and more. Writer and humourist, Colleen Brow, explores the trappings of aging through a comedic, bifocal lens; offering up handy tips and midlife musings as thick as an errant chin hair. Irreverence with a smidgen of melancholy. If we can’t be young again, at least we can be immature.
“Hits a chord with her humorous observations culled from the mundane landscape of North American life.” —North Shore Outlook
“An entertaining Wendy Liebman-esque quality.” —the Georgia Straight
“Who cares if she’s funny. Her place is a mess. She can’t cook.” —Colleen’s Mother

Category: Mainstage
Rating: 14+

Price: $15 + a one-time $7 Membership to the Festival. Some performances are half price, please refer to the Program Guide on VancouverFringe.com.