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A World of Rhythm - Trichy Sankaran & The Offering of Curtis Andrews




$20 Advance / $25 Door


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On Saturday September 22, Vancouver will hail the long-awaited return of one of the world’s most esteemed percussionists living in Canada, Trichy Sankaran. Trichy Sankaran will be collaborating with The Offering of Curtis Andrews, a Vancouver-based world-jazz ensemble led by percussionist/composer Curtis Andrews and also features Jared Burrows (electric guitar), Robin Layne (vibraphone), David Spidel (electric bass). The ensemble will be joined by special guests Vidyasagar Vankayala (on South Indian vocal) and Kaushik Sivaramakrishnan (South Indian violin).

Though born and raised in India, Trichy Sankaran moved to Canada in 1971 to teach at York University. He has taught literally thousands of students and has had an indelible impact on the Canadian music scene. Though based in Canada, he returns to India annually to perform at prestigious events, and in his 60+ years of professional performance he has performed with the major Carnatic musicians of several generations. Though rooted in tradition, Sankaran has been a keen collaborator, globally, with dozens of established artists in the realms of contemporary classical, Africa music, gamelan, free improvisation, and jazz.

The combined ensemble will be presenting an evening of music rooted in and inspired by classical South Indian Carnatic music that has developed over centuries in the southern reaches of India (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala). Carnatic music is known for its depth of melodic material (raga), a dizzying array of rhythmic exploration (tala), a robust collection of devotional compositions, and improvisational feats that leave jazz musicians scratching their heads. Several traditional items from the Carnatic repertoire will be arranged for the combined ensemble as well original compositions from both Andrews and Sankaran, and improvisation by all members.

Curtis Andrews, the artistic director, percussionist, composer and visionary behind the concert, is a long-time disciple of Trichy Sankaran. A native of Newfoundland, Andrews moved to Vancouver in 2009 and has been collaborating with a diverse range of artists in the Lower Mainland, mostly focusing on African, Indian, and other world musics. His ensemble The Offering of Curtis Andrews exists to perform his own “world-jazz” compositions.

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