tREX: The Renewable Energy Experience



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Did you know we are surrounded by renewable energy? Whether it's green transportation, energy efficient buildings or an urban farm, it's just a question of taking another look around. Join Ruth and Chris from SPEC's Energy Committee in exploring a diverse array of renewable energy assets at Olympic Village and let's discuss how far down the road we are for a zero fossil fuels future.

Tours begin at 11am at the Olympic Village Canada Line station for a 60 to 75 minute free walk, ending at the Creekside Community Centre.

If you are interested in learning about passive design, LEED certified buildings, and wastewater thermal energy recovery, this tour is for you!

The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) is a non-profit, charitable, volunteer-driven organization, founded in 1969. As one of the oldest environmental non-profits in Canada, SPEC empowers local communities in the Lower Mainland to build a greener future through interactive programs and activities. Our mission is to provide our community with practical solutions for urban sustainability, with a vision to create a healthy, just and vibrant urban life that enhances local and global eco-systems.

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away