Sara Calero, cred María Agar

Spain’s Sara Calero Company in Petisa Loca



Event is over.


$35 - $65


Dance, Festivals

The 2018 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival proudly presents the Canadian debut of Spain’s Sara Calero Company in Petisa Loca at the Vancouver Playhouse on September 22. Sara Calero is one of the main current references in the renewal of both Spanish and flamenco dance.

The company’s piece shares the diaspora diaries of a woman and all women as thousands of Spaniards were forced to emigrate between Europe and America in the mid-twentieth century. An emotive work, Petisa Loca asks the question: "Is there a place for oneself?" as it works through issues of fear, hope, uncertainty, and displacement in a new, unfamiliar world.

Petisa Loca features dancer/choreographer Sara Calero, singer Loreto Arnaiz, guitarist José Almarcha, and the electronic music of The Lab.

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