Accordion Noir Fest XI: Dance party with Polka Time! and friends



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In keeping with a venerable Accordion Noir Festival tradition, Saturday night will officially be building to a raging dance party, featuring four bands from very different walks with at least one free-reed thing in common.

Tsunami Piñata ( hails from the wilds of Washington's Pacific Northwest, echoing the geographical collision of the forests meeting the coast with the sound of the banjo meeting the accordion, playing from a consciously and conspicuously varied repertoire of world musics.

Portland, Oregon's Dogtooth & Nail ( exemplify one more of the varied textures of Cascadian accordion-banjo duos, with driving bluesy political folk tunes about environmentalism, feminism, anti-capitalism and creating change.

Queercoastal indie folk-rock with an intersectional angle, The Argyle Embargo ( is working toward a more inclusive and equitable world with authentic storytelling, progressive pop sensibilities... and an accordion.

Cultural trends come and go in cycles, and we have good news: nearly 60 years after the polka craze was driven deep underground into thrift store record bins, the odometer has somehow ticked over and suddenly Polka Time! ( is the hottest dance ticket in town. There's no point in arguing, just shut up and bring your dancing shoes.

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