Boob Tube Bingo



Event is over.




Comedy, Other

Boob Tube Bingo is a family friendly event that is one part TV Trivia, one part musical bingo, and a healthy dash of comedy and drag on top. Form a team, grab a BT Bingo card, and then listen carefully as your two new Drag Dads take you through TV themes from the past, present, and beyond. Each night will have two rounds and each round will be based on a different theme - from Nicktoons, to Emmy Winners, to TGIF. Themes will be centred around a new set of TV shows every round, so no two Boob Tube Bingos will be the same. The winning teams will take home some fab prizes from Vancouver-based businesses! Boob Tube Bingo happens at the Storm Crow Tavern every 2nd Wednesday of the month starting September 12nd - doors open at 6pm, the first round starts at 7pm!

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