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$15 cash at the door


Nightlife, Dance

DJ Abheeru & VJ Kashub

DJ Abheeru returns after his summer break and being away from the Just Dance DJ tables for two months and he is TOTALLY eager, inspired and stoked!

RSVP and more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/308842896589657/

He is preparing a rare mix loaded with infectious dance tracks from all corners of the world. With Just Dance tag line being "Dance Globally - Connect Locally" in mind, Abheeru will take you on a World of Dance with a bunch of newly discovered beats, rhythms and melodies that will lift your spirit, quench your body and keep your dancing soul and feet happy.

Abheeru is also looking to reconnect with the seriously awesome JD crowd and savor the big smiles and elated dance moves that come out being in a safe, playful and be-who-you-are environment. So do stop by the DJ table and say hello - it's always a pleasure!!

​This will be an amazing night of fabulous musical odyssey and vibrant and safe community connection, all under the magical light productions of our VJ Kashub.

​An evening not to be missed!

♡ See you on the dancefloor ♡

7:30 pm :: Optional Active Meditation
9:00 pm :: DJ Abheeru

Cost: $15 at the door (cash only)

** Notes **

As a weekly event, many of our regulars do not RSVP on our Facebook. As such, attendance is consistently much higher than what is reflected on the FB event page.

FREE ADMISSION FOR VOLUNTEERS! Just Dance is a nonprofit organization that thrives because of our volunteers. Helping for only 45 minutes gets you in for free and connects you with our other volunteers and core team. More info at https://www.justdance.ca/volunteering.


ABHEERU is the founder of Just Dance and a DJ known for taping into an extensive palette of genres and styles from far-reaching locations around the world. His main passion is to infuse and mix in a wide-range of musical organic elements and instruments from many diverse cultures and to blend those with delectable modern dance beats. The results are exquisitely creative dance tracks that will keep your dancing soul and shoes happy.

Proudly serving the community by creating over 500 community events that have welcomed over 45,000 dancers, Abheeru delights in offering gathering that are open, safe and vibrant.

VJ KASHUB. If you have been attending Just Dance in past few years, you have experienced the mastery of our resident VJ (Visual Jockey) who has brought the added dimension of light being projected in mesmerizing laser and planar fashion, all moving in sync to the dance beats. VJ Kashub has since developed a following who has showed a desire to know more about him and the visual twist he adds to our music scene.

His VJ name stems from the tribe of his ancestry situated along what is now the Baltic Coast of Poland. The tribe, now dispersed and displaced, lived peacefully isolated amidst sand dunes and swamps along the Baltic since before the dawn of the State of the Teutonic Order some 800 years ago. VJ Kashub brings powerful visual projections to induce a spiritual scene so as to reacquaint long lost souls of his ancestry onto our dance floor.