Spice It Up

Film student Rene (Jennifer Hardy) struggles to complete her thesis project in this unique tragicomedy. Everyone she shares her feature with is dismissive, but she’s determined to finish it. The film-within-a-film is a piece of straight-faced absurdity in which seven female friends enlist in the Canadian army. It contrasts with the story of Rene’s creative solitude, but the portrayals of bonding and loneliness also slyly align in this satire of Canadiana from Lev Lewis, Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas.

Screens with shorts Where (Canada, 4 min.)

Roy Thomson (Canada, 3 min.)

Director: Lev Lewis, Yonah Lewis, Calvin Thomas
Cast: Jennifer Hardy, Shivali Barot, Samantha Cole, Déjah Dixon-Green, Jennifer Graydon

Runtime: 82 mins


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