Peter Ciuffa

Cooking Class - Roman Meatball Ragu & Carbonara






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You may not have an Italian Mamma, but now you can learn to cook like one!
Know how to make pasta, well take it to the next level with Roman Meatball Ragu & Carbonara! Local cook, pasta aficionado, actor and personality Peter Ciuffa throws his Italian Cooking Class experiences at Kitsilano Community Centre Sunday, September 23rd. In this demonstration class Peter will teach you the traditional techniques of making Roman Ragu (a tomato braised meatball sauce) as well as the classic Roman dish Carbonara. You will also laugh at some stories, eat Peter's handy work, and go home with pasta in your bellies. For more information you can go to or to book one of the remaining spots go directly to Vancouver Parks & Rec Registration

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away