5 star Fringe story-telling Comedy C-






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Twenty years after college, a once promising student sets out to track down his formerly hard-partying, now middle-aged fraternity brothers in order to understand the value of the education he largely squandered.

New Yorker Eric Jaffe zig zagged across the US and tracked down 65 of his former University classmates to see if what they are doing now has anything to do with what they were studying (if they were studying at all...).

A one person storytelling comedy about education, career, and the challenge of finding your calling in life.

“Great storytelling...engagingly funny... [Jaffe] commands the stage
and, for all I cared, could have been up there for four hours re-
enacting these stories and I would never have lost interest. That’s
how fascinating the piece is, and how talented the actor/writer is.”

***** “Eric Jaffe can give you a higher education ... Poignant ... hilarious.” —CBC
**** “This is a class in the school of life that’s worth attending.” —Edmonton Journal