Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life






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An important, inspiring, motivational and FUN show that has touched the hearts of many an accidental procrastinator and highly driven executives alike. Former Chief Executive and company director (who once ran a company that outperformed Yahoo) and current rare Banjo enthusiast Keith Alessi, himself a recovering executive (and cancer survivor, pilot, lover of tomatoes, player of banjos, mentor, Fringe hero, and more...) has re-invented himself as a modern storyteller, and has quickly become a beloved and fierce force on the Fringe Festival on it's tour across Canada.

In this traditional yet somehow unorthodox one man show, Keith addresses his audience with a wholesome and encouraging warmth (and impressive Banjo skills) as he tells his true-life story... about Evil Tomatoes and Heroic Banjos, a diagnosis, putting off learning to play (and perform) the banjo... and more...

This is a show about choices, about how we face the and overcome obstacles in our lives. A pure joy to watch this performer enjoying himself on stage.

* Writing and performing this show is a bucket wish-list item for Keith!!*
He's showing us a GREAT TIME!

Tuesday, September 11 8:00 PM, Thursday, September 13 10:30 PM, Friday, September 14 6:15 PM, Saturday, September 15 7:30 PM,
Sunday, September 16 5:45 PM **FREE SHOW**

The Sunday show is on the house! FREE tickets to Sundays 5:45 show, first come first served. Memberships and Free tickets provided at the door, beginning 45 min before show time.