Quinn Bachand's Brishen




$24 ($20 RFC & PBHS members)



“He has the depth and maturity to match his unending virtuosity on the guitar” – John Jorgenson

“Thrilling virtuosity, while displaying great freshness and originality” - Mojo Magazine

Brishen, Romany for ‘bringer of the storm’, is what Quinn Bachand, one of Canada’s most outstanding young musicians, and his band serve up with their original western and euro-gypsy swing homage. With a tight grasp on the music that embraces the swing tradition, Quinn Bachand’s Brishen takes audiences on an inventive quest which, through its technical virtuosity, brings together a spellbinding range of musical history to reinvent the categories of swing jazz, pop and country, celebrating the music of the ‘30s, up to and including the ‘60s. Quinn Bachand’s Brishen creates a space where virtuosity meets vibe, leaving you with a sense of jubilance and nostalgia. The band has toured across Canada, the United States and Europe, performing at major folk, jazz and gypsy jazz festivals. They’ve been nominated for five Canadian Folk Music Awards, two Western Canadian Music Awards and most recently won an Independent Music Award in the Jazz category for their latest album, Blue Verdun.

Now based in Boston, Quinn and his fellow Brishen-ers are on a West Coast Tour that ends with a concert at The Rogue Folk Club.

For more information on Quinn Bachand's Brishen visit their website at www.brishenmusic.com