So Long Summer Punk Night







Elevator Music and Promotions presents the So Long Summer Punk Night with Caustic Soda Pop, Furnace Maintenance and Precious Things.

Caustic SodaPop (CSP to friends!), lives for the live show. The band can best be described as an ever evolving indie-WTF. Started in 2001 by lead vocal, lead guitarist Aaron, as a scrappy 90's punk band reminiscent of Bad Religion, Rancid and NoFX. The band continuously evolves to include songs that can range from straight up 12 bar blues to country, pop and indie all with a good punky kick.

Precious Things began is a three piece band that has gone through two lineup changes since starting in 2013/2014. The band could be described as a fun-loving, punk rock band, with each band member citing influences that the other members dislike.

Founded in Edmonton, 1989, Furnace Maintenance/B.O.S.D. has mutated from a strict a capella duo (Noah Gellner and Brennan Bagdan) to a heavy-duty, melodic, punk/hard-rock band. Over the past 22 years, the band has been forced to go on hiatus for years at a time, re-emerging in Calgary, Alberta (2000-2003) and currently, Vancouver, BC. To date, Furnace Maintenance has released four full-length records: S/T (1991), Hawaii '84 (1993), Salt Lake City '86 (1995), Always On (2002).

Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away