Dawna Mueller, Forlorn (Rhone Glacier, Switzerland) 2018, archival pigment print, 28 x 42 in (71 x 106 cms).

Dawna Mueller | Anthropocene: Vanishing Landscapes





Back Gallery Project is pleased to present Anthropocene - Vanishing Landscapes, a solo exhibition of photographs by artist and conservationist Dawna Mueller. Recognized for her work in bringing attention to the effects of climate change on the natural ecosystems of the world’s most remote polar and alpine regions, Mueller’s breathtaking black and white photographs illustrate both the majestic beauty of glaciers, mountains, and icebergs as well as the impact of human activity. Born in Canada but based in Switzerland, this is her first show with BGP. A vernissage with artist in attendance will be held on Friday, October 12, 2018.

Mueller’s interest in the confluence of conservation and photography began while working in the Yukon driving heavy machinery to help finance her university studies. Thrilled with the natural beauty around her, she spent her free time exploring the untamed wilderness of the area. Upon moving to Switzerland she spent time in the Swiss Alps, where she started taking photographs that documented the negative impact of the changing climate. This project was continued by expeditions to both Greenland and Svalbard in the Arctic, as well as the Antarctic, where she witnessed the effects of melting glaciers and the detriment to the region’s wildlife. The artist notes, “The planet is in peril and the weather patterns are causing havoc in all areas of the world, no one is immune from the destruction and devastation. I want to show the beauty of what I see in these fragile ecosystems because collectively we can work together to save this planet, it is the only home we have.” Through her photography, as well as through lectures and a TEDx Talk on Vancouver Island in October 2018, Mueller hopes to illustrate the lasting repercussions of the debilitating damage to the environment. Her photos hauntingly portray what we all stand to loose.

In addition to being a photographer, Mueller studied at the Allard Hall Law School, and frequently speaks at schools and business. She was recently trained as a Climate Reality Leader by Al Gore in Los Angeles as a part of his foundation The Climate Reality Project. Furthermore, she is the co-founder of the Swiss a non-profit titled The Future Planet Forum, which seeks to join science and art to work toward solutions for a sustainable future. The Forum’s first event will be held in St. Moritz, Switzerland next year.