Postings From Home

Filmmaker Kelly O’Brien has taken the collective sharing of one’s personal life — now habitual on social media — and combined it with the 20th-century tradition of a family slideshow to create a formally unique and emotionally affecting live performance. Culled from eight years of daily photo essays posted on Facebook, this ever-evolving project was described as “a revelatory journey through the filmmaker’s intimately illuminating archive” by Patrick Mullen in POV magazine when it was first presented in 2016.

O’Brien’s eclectic mix of stories and quotations from artists, philosophers, and her kids provide the narrative for her photographs and short films. From the wonders and challenges of motherhood to anxious thoughts about the future during a time of political and environmental crisis, Postings From Home unearths the poetry found within the everyday.

Runtime: 85 mins
Director: Kelly O'Brien
Country: Canada


Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away