The 2nd Floor at the Water Street Café

Join us for eleven days of music at The 2nd Floor at the Water Street Café. Here are the shows:

Friday, June 21: Terminal Station (evening)

Saturday, June 22: Jennifer Scott Trio (brunch) ,

Noriega & SUNs (evening)

Sunday, June 23: David Blake Trio (brunch),

Blue Strange (evening)

Monday, June 24: Small Town Artillery (evening)

Tuesday, June 25: David Sikula Trio (evening)

Wednesday, June 26: Adam Robert Thomas Double Guitar Trio (evening)

Thursday, June 27: Sharon Minemoto (evening)

Friday, June 28: Marlie Collins (evening)

Saturday, June 29: Jillian Lebeck Trio (brunch),

Brad Turner Quartet (evening)

Sunday, June 30: Braveheart (brunch),

Paul Pigat & guest (evening)

Monday July 1: Steve Maddock (brunch),

Laura Crema & Bill Coon Trio (evening)

Brunch shows 11:30 am-2pm & evening shows 7pm-9:30pm

Series: Club Series

Price: $5 will be added to your bill