Staff Only

Both a sensitive, perfectly acted coming-of-age tale and a razor-sharp critique of the exploitative "all-inclusive" tourism industry, Neus Ballús’ drama follows 17-year-old Marta (newcomer Elena Andrada, a natural) as she reluctantly embarks on a holiday in Senegal with her travel-agent father (Sergi López) and grumpy brother. New worlds open up for Marta when she goes beyond the "staff only" doorway, and Ballús uses her directorial skill to skewer neo-colonialist attitudes in the process.

Director: Neus Ballús
Cast: Elena Andrada, Sergi López, Diomaye A. Ngom, Ian Samsó, Madeleine C. Ndong, Margi Andújar, Ian Samsó

Runtime: 81 mins


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