Those Who Remained

Director Barnabás Tóth gives us an intimate drama, a tribute to postwar survival, and a most unusual love story. Budapest, 1948: Aladár (Károly Hajduk) is a widowed Jewish doctor, living a quiet life and trying not to think about the past. One day, a woman brings in her teenaged niece for examination: Klára (Abigél Szőke) is a misanthrope who scorns authority, but she’s nonetheless smitten with this much older man… Serious and often sad, but also attuned to the joys of life, this is a lovely film.

Director: Barnabás Tóth
Cast: Károly Hajduk, Abigél Szőke, Mari Nagy, Katalin Simkó, Barnabás Horkay

Runtime: 84 mins


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