Sneaker Freak



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A Premier Sneaker Convention and Sneaker Consignment Shop
This event fosters an environment where sneaker collectors and enthusiasts can buy, sell or trade their footwear.

Sneaker Freak is back. The third Sneaker Freak show will take place in Richmond at the newly opened Sneaker Vault – sneaker consignment store, owned by Isaac Payne. Sneaker Freak founder, Gem Baysan and Isaac have been friends for 20 years. Their passion for sneakers goes back even further. It is now their aim to bring the sneaker community together.

“I have been collecting sneakers for over 20 years, and have been doing sneaker shows since 2014.
Sneaker Freak has proven to be a great event for the community, bringing together sneakerheads, both old and new, to socialize and network with each other,” said Gem, founder of Sneaker Freak.

Sneaker Freak will showcase a variety of exhibits where shoe collectors can sell or trade their merchandise to the public. Vendors interested in a table at the event should contact