Rights and Freedoms March



Event is over.



April 17th is the 34th anniversary of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter was intended to be a source of national values and unity, where Canadians share the fundamental principles of equal rights and justice.
In that spirit, and of Dr. Martin Luther King, join us for a peaceful celebratory march beginning at 9:30am from Canada Line’s Olympic Village. We’ll be walking eastward along the seawall towards the Science Centre, around False Creek past Canuck Place, then arrive at David Lam Park.
Joining in will be several civil rights activists that knew Dr. King. One person, now in his 90’s, is an original Tuskegee Airman. The march is inclusive and open to people from every walk of life, no matter your ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation. All we ask is that you share Dr. King’s values of equality, freedom, justice, and compassion.
Don’t be a spectator — be a participant. Take Dr. King’s torch of understanding and pass it to your fellow man.
If you didn’t march in the 60’s, it’s not too late. Mark your calendar. Be part of history. Be part of his movement.