Collected Traces and Still Here



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About Collected Traces and Still Here

Co.ERASGA’s 16th season presents the company’s newest ensemble creation choreographed by critically acclaimed Vancouver choreographer, Alvin Erasga Tolentino.

Featuring seven outstanding dancers from Vancouver and Manila, Tolentino’s quest in this new creation recalls and traces transcendent principle of the body’s relation to indigenous traditional arts. This full evening of two debut works embodies the use of an indigenous fabric called “Malong” and an ancient hand gesture “Mudras”, which become the source of inspiration to look back and pay homage to Tolentino’s Asian indigenous roots.

The dancers are the canvasses of motion which evoke traditional practices still relevant and existing today, giving light to the shadow of the past, memory in the body and lineage of identity.

Mudras- an ancient hand gesture that holds a sacred and medicinal effect on the body and Malong - a Filipino indigenous fabric used in daily life. Semiotically and metaphorically these languages of traditional arts awaken genetic memory. The seven dancers in these pieces help to expose the body to attain and reach the expression of the physical and metaphysical.

Collected Traces and Still Here brings traditions alive creating a dynamic continuation, of an offering to transport Tolentino’s new visionary dance, and honours and reveals his rich ancient ancestral heritage.

About Co.ERASGA Dance

“contemporary, progressive, and provocative” - Georgia Straight

Entering its 16th season, Co.ERASGA Dance is led by critically acclaimed dancer and choreographer Alvin Erasga Tolentino. An international dance company that supports and contributes to the development and enhancement of contemporary dance globally, Co.ERASGA continues to seek new and challenging projects that provide opportunities and cross-cultural issues in today’s society. Among its memorable and critically acclaimed dance productions presented in Vancouver includes SOLA, BATO/Stone, MINORI, Volt, She Said, Field, OrienTik/Portrait, BODYGlass, PARADISE/Paradis, ADAMEVE/Man-Woman, Expose, Colonial , Shifting Geography and most recently Unwrapping Culture. To date, Co.ERASGA has visited over 50 diverse cities and communities outside of Vancouver to share the art of dance.

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