White Crane Dzogchen module #1 of 10




Tix $4,500



Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Program Format: 10 Modules – Friday, Saturday & Sundays

Module 1: December 2-4, 2016
Module 2: January 13-15, 2017
Module 3: February 3-5, 2017
Module 4: March 10-12, 2017
Module 5: April 7-9, 2017
Module 6: May 12-14, 2017
Module 7: June 16-18, 2017
Module 8: July 28-30, 2017
Module 9: September 15-17, 2017
Module 10: October 6-8, 2017

JOIN US FOR A NEW GROWTH GROUP SERIES… Dr. Carlos de León is offering the teachings of Dzogchen and of ‘Needle and Cotton,’ the soft form of White Crane Kung Fu martial arts practice. This profound practice develops your internal flow of chi throughout your entire body, so that is can touch the external flow all around us. This unique combination of meditation techniques and personal energy development, designed to support the vision and possibility of ‘Instantaneous Realization’ of your True Nature.
The new cycle of Growth Group teachings is open to new and to seasoned students, and will be of interest as a completion step for Kashmir Shaivism Tantra students.
The White Crane Dzogchen Growth Group is for people who want to:
•Accelerate personal growth and healing by acquiring powerful new tools;
•Learn a soft form of martial arts complemented by Dzogchen meditation technology;
•Walk a path whose destination supports ‘instantaneous realization’ and the goal of spiritual liberation;
•Discover dynamic approaches to increase Energy and Vitality, Body Strength and Agility, Clear Mind, Strong Will and Spirit;
•Experience group work monthly which through the mirror of the group expands empathy, compassion, and the options for dealing with life.
In the White Crane Dzogchen Growth Group, you can expect to:
•Explore the vision and learn the practice of White Crane Kung Fu and all it has to offer as an expansion of martial arts and as an avenue for personal growth and healing;
•Learn practical applications of the Dzocghen White Crane technology which facilitates self-awareness and help integrate the divided self;
•Experience the powerful process of the state of Natural Mind, a fundamental requisite for achieving a deep state of meditation, and a strong foundation for all forms of spiritual practice;
•Discover how Dzogchen teachings offer threefold levels of development: the Base, the Path and the Fruit