Hank Bull: Connexion





    Hank Bull: Connexion is a transformation of the longtime Vancouver-based artist Hank Bull's collection and archives into a sculptural installation and an overview of his practice. The exhibition explores notions of distributed authorship and communication-as-art in the age of information technology. Since the 1970s, Bull has acted as a connecting figure between artists and artistic communities internationally.

    Inspired initially by experimental music, mail art, Fluxus and the absurdist performances associated with Dada and pataphysics, much of his practice has been ephemeral and dialogic, produced for underground audiences in artist-run and improvised contexts.

    Hank Bull: Connexion considered the material traces of life lived as art, exhibiting the varied collection of the artist as a sculptural installation.

    Curated by Joni Low (Vancouver) and Pan Wendt (Confederation Centre Art Gallery)
    Organized and circulated by the Confederation Centre Art Gallery