Demo and Dinner: Cook the New Year Lite




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    Food & Drink

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    Done with the holidays? Want to enjoy warm cozy food, but on the lighter side? Here are a few dishes that should satisfy; easy to make at home, light(er) and none the less delicious!

    Roasted Peppers Soup: taste creamy without the added fat, this will warm you up for the rest of winter
    White Fish in Papillote: cook your fish easily and full of flavor in a wrap!
    Ratatouille: the classic southern French vegetables dish, great side for any occasion
    Crème caramel: this easy stunner looks way more decadent than it’s truly is! It will become your cheat dessert

    All the recipes will be cooked right in front of you, and you will then seat in the restaurant and enjoy the full meal, with a glass of wine!

    A savory welcome snack will be offered. Recipes will be provided during the class.

    No cooking experience? Worried it will be too difficult and you won’t be able to do it again at home? We promise all the dishes are easy to recreate, no expensive equipment, fancy oven and or uncommon ingredients are required, and Valentine’s techniques are fool proof, you can-do at home!

    Hope to see you there!