Drop In Rock Choir




    Tix $10


    Performing Arts

    To celebrate Bowie's January birth date, you are invited to join in and learn to sing Rebel Rebel and Modern Love in three-part harmony. You do not need to read music or have any singing/musical experience. We quickly learn by ear. If you love Bowie - it's a wonderful opportunity to participate in his music! Last year, to mark Bowie’s loss, over 200 people joined in at Studio Records to learn three Bowie songs in three part harmony. It sounded fantastic and a video can be seen on our YouTube page.
    The singing starts at 7.30 pm, until 9 pm. Find us in room 120 (enter from the rear of the building) at St James Community Square.
    Entry is $10. Please note we will be singing Rebel Rebel for three weeks in total (Modern Love only on Jan 11). For more information about this and our other rock choirs, visit our website www.impromptumusic.ca

    Places to go nearby approx. 15 minutes away