Therapeutic Candlelight Yoga




    Tix $120/16/10



    This session is intended to facilitate a more ease in your daily functional movement, improve function, reduce daily pain in your life, promote healing and center your mind. We hold the intention of making this a practice of integration; integration of your breath with your body, your body with your mind, your mind with your consciousness, and your consciousness with your highest Self.
    We aim to restore all your body parts that harbor your habitual tension- your shoulders, your hips, low back, hamstrings, and yes, your mind! We focus on slow precise alignment strategies within supportive asana with concentrated awareness on breath as the seat of our practice. Guided meditation/relaxation soothes your nerves and grounds your practice in your own personal way, leaving you ready to have an great night's sleep. All welcome, no experience necessary, perfect for injury recovery, prevention, pre/post natal women.
    Classes are run in 8 week sessions - Pre-registration is required. Drop-in's are not typically taken, but can be approved/arranged for special circumstances (please call 788 318 7463 to discuss)