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Spectral Theatre's “Late-Night Double Feature” involves the presentation of two deliciously diabolical scripts, in a way that means to evoke the thrill of being a part of the studio audience during a live broadcast of golden age radio shows like "Inner Sanctum" or "The Weird Circle". Both scripts are original works by local writers that are brought to life by a talented cast of voice actors, accompanied by a team of imaginative sound designers. Of course a bigger stage warrents a bigger production, so to that end we'll be beefing up our performance in March, with the addition of live foly artists, musicians, and even a super famous guest star. The most noteable additions to the already excellent cast are Stephen Hamm (Slow, Canned Hamm, The Evaporators) on theremin, Jenn Chycoski (The Choir Practice, Big John Bates, Piggy) on organ, and veteran voice actor Scott McNeil (Conan: The Adventurer, Beast Wars: Transformers, My Little Pony). And if that's not enough, we've invited the infamous "horror comedian" Gerald Gerald Geraldson to kick off the evening with a set of his uniquely twisted humour. All of this will of course be recorded live, and released as a podcast via our website at a later date.

Spectral Theatre Society has spent nearly 15 years chipping away at the foundations of the Vancouver arts scene, producing outlandish and unrestrained performances. This presentation of “Late-Night Double Feature” will continue that tradition as we aspire to take our brand of cult storytelling to the next level while remaining true to the spirit of spooky, low-brow spectacle.

The March edition of Spectral Theatre’s “Late-Night Double Feature” hits the stage for one night only, Saturday, March 11th. After that, you can catch the show the second Saturday of every month until their hiatus in June. Be a part of the mayhem for just $10 in advance or $15 at the door.

For those wishing to make a night of it; the Backstage Lounge (across the alley from the venue) is offering ticket holders %15 off selected menu items before the show, so be sure to bring a copy of your e-ticket with you!

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