Villalobos Brothers



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Masterfully blending the indigenous rhythms and San Jarocho melodies of their native Veracruz with the intricate harmonies of jazz and classical music, the Villalobos Brothers deliver an intoxicating brew of virtuosity and musicality, redefining our notions of Latin music. A trio of virtuoso violinists, singer-songwriters, composers, and arrangers, they have performed at the Latin Grammy Awards, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Apollo Theater and many other historic venues.

Their live performances are foot-tapping, passionate celebrations of life that make audiences come alive and as band member Luis Villalobos says, “it really crosses borders, it crosses identities, it crosses races…it really goes beyond just standing here and playing the right notes. It goes into who you are and what you are communicating. I think that's our mission and what brings us together."

Featuring: Luis Villalobos (violin, vocals, compositions) Alberto Villalobos (violin, vocals, compositions), Ernesto Villalobos (violín, vocals, compositions), Humberto Flores (guitar, artistic director) Rosa Ávila (drums) Leo Sherman (bass).