The Vancouver Ukulele Festival: Gala Concert



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The Vancouver Ukulele Festival 2017 | Gala Concert

The global Ukulele renaissance continues unabated and our corner of the Pacific Northwest has emerged as one of its epicentres. Created and hosted by Daphne ‘Ruby’ Roubini, founder of Ruby’s Ukes, the eighth annual Vancouver Ukulele Festival promises to be one of the biggest and most entertaining celebrations of the four-stringed fret board ever witnessed in Canada.

This Uke-tastic weekend will begin with a Gala Concert at the Rio Theatre on the evening on Friday, March 3rd and continue with a series of workshops throughout the weekend of March 4th and 5th.

Boasting the best line-up in the festival’s history, Friday night concertgoers will be treated to the sweet jazz-pop sounds of international ukulele superstars Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee; swing from Detroit, America’s most musical city, in the shape of Gerald Ross; the roots revivalism of Oregon’s Aaron and Nicole Keim; and the sultry jazz folk sounds of Vancouver’s own “Canadian Uke Royalty,” Ruby & Smith, who will be joined by slide guitar maestro Timothy Tweedale and bassist Michael Rush.

This concert is perfect for the Ukulele player (bring your Uke there will be a massive Uke jam at the end of the show with chord charts projected onto the movie theatre screen!) and music lover where the mighty Uke will be on display in all its diverse musical splendour.

That concert is just the first event of the 2017 Vancouver Ukulele Festival. Over the course of the weekend experienced and novice players alike can learn from the same world-renown artists performing on stage at a series of inspiring ukulele workshops at the Croatian Culture Centre on Commercial Drive covering everything from bluegrass to gospel, soloing to song structure.

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