Guilty Conscience



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Tix $24/21



Arthur Jamison, an arrogant and ruthless trial lawyer, has had countless affairs. He has decided to get out of his marriage by bumping off his wife, Louise.

Metro Theatre is pleased to bring the fantasy murder GUILTY CONSCIENCE written by Richard Levinson and William Link (the creators of Columbo TV mysteries) to our stage March 4 to 25.

To stave off hefty alimony payments, and with the help of mistress Jackie, Arthur plans how best to pull off the dirty deed. Conjuring up an imaginary alter ego, Arthur cerebrally stages several murder scenarios and tests each in the courtroom of his mind. He pits himself against his imaginary prosecutor in a series of witty, sometimes hostile exchanges. Are we seeing Arthur’s murderous plans acted out in the theatre of his mind, or are we seeing events as they unfold in reality?