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Sawdust Collector and Live @ The WISE presents:
Leah Abramson: Songs For a Lost Pod
with special guest dance.

Leah Abramson
Leah Abramson is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and sound enthusiast from Vancouver, BC. As a songwriter and musician, Leah has received international critical acclaim and toured extensively throughout North America and Europe. Her new project, Songs For a Lost Pod, combines scientific research, creative non-fiction, and orca vocalizations in a song cycle written in part for her MFA thesis. Using field recordings, a beat sampler, band, and vocal ensemble, Songs For a Lost Pod touches on environmental conservation, interspecies communication, and human connection.

Formed in 2007, Waxwing is a co-led group created by three veterans of the Vancouver music scene: Tony Wilson on guitar, Peggy Lee on cello and Jon Bentley on saxophones. The trio has released two studio recordings featuring their original compositions: "A Bowl Of Sixty Taxidermists" (2015 - Songlines Recordings) and "Escondido Dreams" (2007 - Drip Audio). The recipient of numerous Canada Council Grants, Waxwing has performed their unique works in concerts across Canada and has been a regular favourite in the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. The trio has also been featured many times on various CBC radio programs, both from live performances and studio recordings including a live SignalFest recording at CBC Vancouver in 2011.

Formed in 2004, Vancouver's Inhabitants have ascended to become one of Canada's most prominent creative music ensembles. In 2009, Inhabitants were nominated for a Juno Award for 'Instrumental Album of the Year', a National Jazz Award for 'Electric Group of the Year' and a Western Canadian Music Award for 'Instrumental Recording of the Year'. Their singular approach defies genre, melding jazz, rock, noise and free improvisation with new perspective. Trumpeter JP Carter, guitarist Dave Sikula, bassist Pete Schmitt and drummer Skye Brooks find a rare cohesiveness in Inhabitants, cultivated from years of musical collaboration in groups like Fond of Tigers, Copilots, Carsick, DarkBlueWorld, The NOW Orchestra, Tony Wilson's 6tet, and the Aeroplane Trio.

Inhabitants continue to push forward into new sonic territory with "A Vacant Lot", their third full-length on Drip Audio. Spacious and expressive, the new album explores the dynamic relationship between chaos and form through experimental sound, intuitive group interplay and instrumental composition. There is new diversity in the music; rich textured landscapes augmented by electronics and feedback are contrasted with moments of intimate acoustic minimalism. A reflective mood pervades the new landscape Inhabitants occupy on A Vacant Lot, their improvisations and compositions permeated with an uncommon, yet alluring lyricism.

"Hypnotic and dense, these Inhabitants occupy territory that will continue to yield riches with further exploration." - Down Beat

" Sometimes sweet, often epic...instinctive and convincing. One of the coolest discs of the year"
- The Globe and Mail

" a league with very few others." -

"...displays music chops, a sense of fun, and a deep connection to the droning soundscapes they create." - Music Emissions

"...what jazz was supposed to become."
- Left Hip Magazine

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