The Lost Vancouver: an unexpected Art Deco Tour




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    Architecture is one of the most efficient resources for understanding the past, present, and future of a city. It further reflects the city’s demographic, economic, social, cultural, and political evolution.

    Honoured to be included in the Capture Photography Festival this year, The Lost Vancouver: an unexpected Art Deco tour is a showcase of photographic works by Simon Desrochers and interpretive illustration by Mathieu Persan, focusing on the shifting architectural landscape in Vancouver through reminiscing Art Deco. This is the first exhibition to launch The Lost Vancouver project, which will be a series of exhibitions that aims to spark conversations around preservation of heritage, architecture; the future of art and its necessity in the development of Vancouver. The two media of art collaborate to take participants through the history of Vancouver and Art Deco, to survey the relationship between art and economic shifts within a city, and the importance to preserve and restore Canadian cultural heritage landmarks. A talk by Jennifer Iredale, former Director of Heritage BC, will be hosted at the opening reception.