President of Americans for Medical Advancement looks at animal research




    The event also runs at Green College UBC. Free admission


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    The ADAV Society has the honour of hosting Dr. Ray Greek, President of Americans for Medical Advancement
    Dr. Greek is the author of a number of scientific papers and will be
    speaking at SFU Harbour Centre, at Green College UBC, and is coming to Vancouver at the invitation of UBC's VP, Research, and UBC President Santa J. Ono.

    Dr. Greek's abstract for the talk:

    Animal modeling was popularized during the 19th century and was based in part on a rejection of Darwin's theory of evolution.
    Today we see physicians and scientists striving for personalized medicine - the notion that each human is unique and thus
    predisposed to certain diseases and in need of different treatments. Personalized medicine is incompatible with using animals to
    model humans in terms of predicting human response to drugs and disease. Dr. Greek will elaborate on this and other problems with
    using one evolved complex system, an animal, to model a second evolved complex system, a human.

    Dr. Greek will be answering questions after his presentation: the scientific community is welcome to join interested members of the public in exploring this urgent topic.
    Please RSVP or request information at: adavsociety@gmail,org
    warmest regards,
    Anne for Laura-Leah Shaw, President
    ADAV Society of BC

    Established in 1927, the Animal Defense and Anti-Vivisection Society of BC is the only national organization solely dedicated to the abolition of vivisection on moral, ethical and scientific grounds.

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