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    Launch of new meditation program for children
    Basic Secular Meditation Program for Children Grade K-12, Learning and Exploring this Summer

    Vancouver, BC – TO THE MIDDLE organization is offering meditation program to give children and teens an adventurous, explorative and healthy summer. TO THE MIDDLE programs will offer youth fun and unique experiences with an opportunity to explore their mind, meet new friends, discover new interest and create benefits that last a lifetime.
    Technological distractions, such as television, cell phones or video games make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle for children. The challenge to ensure our kids practice healthy habits increases more so as we gain more free time in the summer. The TO THE MIDDLE encourages parents to help their children unplug from technology and explore Basic Secular Meditation Program. TO THE MIDDLE is here to provide parents with programs and resources to help their children find moments to unplug from technology and to explore Basic Secular Meditation.
    Meditation is the art of concentration, centering and for many the natural state of mind. Our program is filled with practical exercises that children find fun and easy to do. Through customized programs focused on the joy of the practice, the children can embark upon the integration of his/her total self.
    Benefits from Secular Meditation Program for children can be summarized as follows:
    • Helping concentration and ability to learn
    • Experiencing physical relaxation
    • Developing imagination
    • Helping creativity
    • Finding a peaceful place within the mind that can be restful and that can help a child understands and accepts self.

    There are five reasons why children and teens should attend summer Basic Secular Meditation Program:
    1. ADVENTURE: Our summer program is all about exploration and new experiences. TO THE MIDDLE program have a new adventure for every child and teen. Visit for details.
    2. HEALTHY FUN: Programs offer fun, stimulating activities that engage the body and mind, and also help children and teens to enhance creativity, learning and above all their sense of inner harmony.
    3. PERSONAL GROWTH: While being away from technology, youth have a chance to learn new skill and develop confidence and independence by learning from self-exploration that renders children in more effective in what they do.
    4. NEW FRIENDSHIPS: Amidst the fun of meditation, children meet new friends and strengthen existing friendships.
    5. MEMORIES: Summer program is an unforgettable experience that will give each child memories that will last a lifetime. Youth return to school with plenty of program stories to share.

    About the TO THE MIDDLE
    TO THE MIDDLE is a community organization dedicated to addressing community needs that enrich families, promote health and wellness, develop youth and build self-esteem for all. Participation to our programs is open to everyone regardless of race or ethnic background or religious preference or mental or physical disability. TO THE MIDDLE is located between Granville Island and Olympic Village at the children friendly facility Le Physique in Vancouver, BC.
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