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Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Talk: Why We Need To Talk About Poo

Speaker: Dr. Paul Richard

Abstract: We don’t talk about human waste, and as a result we treat them indeed as a waste as opposed to a resource. So they end up polluting when they could in fact become resourceful.

We’ll explore its biology - how they can be a good indicator of health or disease; with a side trip to microbiome concepts, fecal transplants, etc.

What is wrong with our current methods of handling waste, poop, from the bad design of toilets and washrooms, all the way to how current sewage practices pollutes our environment: excess nutrients in our water; fecal coliforms on our beaches, parasites like crypto and toxo in our drinking waters; pharmaceuticals and drugs confusing our fish; plastics in the ocean and our salmon steaks; fatbergs and “flushable” towels plug our sewers.

The take-away: we are a wasteful society. That needs to stop, for our sake and for the planet’s sake, and the first step is to a solution is a realistic dialog.

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