City on Edge: A Century of Vancouver Activism





The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) explores the history of our city’s street protests with City on Edge: A Century of Vancouver Activism – a major, new photo-based exhibition on display from September 28-February 18, 2018, showcasing rarely seen walks of resistance. The project features over 650 images of street demonstrations, protests, and riots from the early 1900s to present day from the archives of the Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers. These photos capture emotionally raw and transformative moments in the lives of Vancouverites. Large digital projections and films coupled with animated sounds of protest choirs will create an immersive environment that will inspire the public to think about the impact of grassroots activism in their lives. From the shore workers’ strike at the Battle of Ballantyne Pier in 1935 to rallying of anti-logging groups at Clayoquot Sound in 1993, these records demonstrate the power of “ordinary people” in mobilizing public opinion and effecting change locally and globally.

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