Vasiliki Kappa exhibits her famous Invisible Cities in Canada




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Paintings by Vasiliki Kappa from the Invisible Cities series travel to Canada. The well-known artist Vasiliki Kappa will exhibit in a special exhibition will take place in Vancouver, Canada, at the famous BEAUMONT Gallery, a pole of attraction for modern artists with particular writing and artistic style, September 4-18.

Vasiliki Kappa will exhibit 21 new painting titled DreamLand- featuring the imaginative space through the magic of the rich colors. The specific works, embossed cities on canvas, belong to her series: Invisible Cities and exclusively depict parts of the Greek landscape. These are the most elaborate works of the series so far created in new ways that create the illusion that the viewer holds in his hands a real piece of Greek land, a miniature filled with the sea, the sky, the houses and the ground.

The artist has performed several solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and during the last three years, her popular painting section "Make a Trip to the Invisible Cities", which was first presented at a personal exhibition in Athens in 2002, has been exhibited in many Finnish cities and lately in Helsinki, with great success attracting thousands of visitors. Her book titled "Take a Trip to the Invisible Cities," which was written in English and translated into Swedish by the famous writer Carita Nystrom, was also presented there. The book started being written as the invisible cities were created in order to describe them and in 2014 it became the narrative text of the film "Take a Trip" directed by Christos N. Karakassis. Vasiliki Kappa studied painting and digital art in Athens Fine Arts School and she also time completed a wide range of artistic and theoretical studies in film, music, theater and linguistics. Known also by her literary work (Kastaniotis Publishing house, Kouinta publishing house), she is creative and systematically involved in art and culture.

At the same time in a parallel space the well-known director Christos N. Karakasis will hold a photo exhibition featuring Greek landscapes. His work full of clarity and energy is an amazing conception of Greek land and its landscapes. His works have been exhibited in many countries in very large prints, but also in Finland where he first cooperated with Vasiliki Kappa in her Invisible Cities exhibition with his film Take A Trip, which was projected in a special installation. He recently participated in the Photography Exhibition entitled "Greece: Moments of Personal Happiness" in Moscow, which was inaugurated on January 22, 2016 at the Na Kashirke Gallery. Christos N. Karakasis is known for his films, which have won international acclaim and are screened in many countries. His photographic work, filtered through the director's eye, is mainly a set of images that meet the standards of not only photography. He has studied directing, theater, music, computer science and has graduate studies.

At the same time, from the city of Vancouver, they will exhibit in the gallery in parallel spaces the artists Maria Kyriaki and Juvel Jeo Jose

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