The 10th Annual Oppenheimer Park Community Art Show | Reflections





The 10th Annual Oppenheimer Park Community Art Show | Reflections

Exhibition runs: September 8th–October 22nd, 2017
Opening reception: Fri, Sep 8th, 6–10 pm *part of SWARM 2017

Join the parade with The Carnival Band, from Oppenheimer Park (488 Powell Street)
to Gallery Gachet (88 East Cordova Street) at 5 pm. Fun!

Oppenheimer Park and Gallery Gachet are pleased to present Reflections an exhibition showcasing artwork from the Oppenheimer Park community. To mark the 10th anniversary, artists are taking this moment to reflect on the legacy of our annual exhibition. More than thirty–five participating artists will share their personal reflections of how the Oppenheimer Park show has nourished relationships and built community through art.

Through the years this collaboration has played an integral role as a bellwhether for community, lifting up the neighbourhood’s mood, struggles and triumphs. It presents an opportunity to celebrate the neighbourhood, and its residents who draw on a rich history to deepen relations. The reverberations of this exhibition are felt throughout Oppenheimer Park, the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood and beyond.