Journeys of AbunDance




Tix $15



This Journeys of AbunDance will be a opportunity to connect to each breath, to be sensitive to your every flicker of sensation and emotion in the body. It is the delight with which you savour each unique moment, the joy with which you greet each new day. It is knowing yourself as presence, the power that creates and moves you in your dance.

Laura Ahava is inviting you with an open heart to bring your abundant being and share it with the community by simply being you! DJs Raghunath Khe and Medicine Fox will be playing the tracks, uplifting our spirits in harmonious rhythm. We will conclude the evening with a conscious connected breath ceremony and share together an abundance of fruit.

***Please bring FRUIT to add to our delicious~ alter !

JOURNEYS are powerful transformational dance events held on the 3rdSATURDAY of the month, Everything from the unique evening theme, the music and the nonverbal environment provides an open space to take your dancing to a deeper place. Call it an opportunity to tribal dance, sweat your prayers, shamanic journeying, the focus is on the dancers' expression, growth and freedom.

7:30 pm - optional active meditation
9:00 pm - Journeys opening circle (don't miss it!)
Cost: $15 at the door
2114 West 4th Avenue


Facilitator Laura Ahava

Laura's holistic approach attends to the spirit and energy of the body as well as the science of movement. Through her experience as a kinesiologist, yoga teacher, doula and breath facilitator, Laura holds a motherly loving presence with gentle and knowledgeable guidance to intuitively assess what the body needs. Laura empowers you to reach beyond self-limitations to activate the vast intelligence of our bodies self-healing.

Dj Raghunath Khe

Raghunath Khe has been an intrinsic part of the evolving intentional dance culture for over 20 years. An innovative producer and dj, he is interested in the transformational properties of music and movement, connection and community. He has released three solo albums under various guises, and has contributed musically and otherwise to many festivals and events, both local and international. He is a student of many spiritual traditions, having trained in both North America and India, and an initiate in the line of bhakti, tantra, and shamanic practice. He regularly performs, teaches, and organizes events in the Vancouver area of Canada. He is the co-founder of the Full Moon Medicine gatherings held in the lower mainland of BC, and co-resident dj at Vancouver's long-running Just Dance. A long-time radio presence, he is currently the host and producer of Mantra Radio on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver.

Dj Medicine Fox

Medicine Fox is the muical project of producer Shanye Wilson. Hailing from the West Coast of Canada, his music draws inspiration from the ancient shamanic rhythms of Earth's ancient cultures.
As a DJ, Medicine Fox has performed and participated in a variety of wilderness festivals, city nights, ceremonial gatherings and guided dance journeys. Seasonal Gatherings of a cermonial nature, following the turn of the equinox and solstice and the observed movement of the moon and stars.